Bosarts 09

BOS – 08 Context, people & spaces, September at Bosigran Farm, Zennor, 2008

BOS-08 consisted of a range of interactions with people and place, that made the invisible visible or that somehow gave form to the intangible, the often unseen or unknown. Some of the work was gentle, quiet… while other pieces consciously posed questions that come from an unease about how we as a society live today. The quiet and the questioning sat alongside each other, adding more layers that intertwine with the stories contained in these places from across the millennia… and will become another comma in the playing out of time…

Artists: Veronica Vickery, Rebecca Weeks, Andy Whall, Ian Whitford

A series of artist installations, performances and events in and around Bosigran Farm, in collaboration with The National Trust, courtesy of NT tenant farmers Bob & Liz Scambler


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