Live Platform

Live Platform, Newlyn Art Gallery, September, 2003

In collaboration with Newlyn Art Gallery, Live Platform was set up to provide a context for artists based in the South West, to present their own work, to see work, and discuss performance and live art in the context of the SW region. Unlike many other artforms performance has not often been systematically documented and represented, nevertheless histories do exist. Roland Miller, who has worked in performance since the 70s, returned to Penwith to perform The Paper, and Julie Bacon, an important contemporary performance practitioner also returned to the SW to perform Act-Archiving Works.

The platform provided opportunities for artists within the region to present and discuss their work , as well as present video documentation of examples of performance, and live works that have been previously made. All the artists were invited to provoke and answer questions about performance; its historical and contemporary contexts, its possibilities within the region, and what remains of performance after the event.


Julia Bacon, Roland Miller, Tim Brommage, Angela Praed, Justin Mckeown, Elusive Camel Productions, Steven Hodge, John Dummet (Otiose), Misha Myers, Maxine Mcarthy, Art Department.

Video programme additional artists: Ryya Bread, Kira O’Reilly, Ruth Way & Russell Frampton, Amanda Lorens & Tessa Garland, Maxine McCarthy, Nicola Donovan, Richard Biddle, Rupert White, Delpha Hudson and Andy Whall.


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Live Platform, Newlyn Art Gallery
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Live Platform, Newlyn Art Gallery
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Live Platform, Newlyn Art Gallery
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Live Platform, Newlyn Art Gallery