Videoteque, Ten Gallery, St Ives, September, 2002 Dealing with notions of poetry and theory in video art, Videoteque was an international showcase co-curated with Delpha Hudson. Ten, an independent gallery space was positioned in the centre of St Ives with window frontage onto a busy street, enabling projections inside and onto the window of the gallery to be seen on a 12 hour cycle. The projected video images challenged the object-bound nature of most art from St Ives, conceptually encouraging a more transient and ultimately poetic encounter with moving images.


Olga Alexopolus, Jonathon Allen, Anna Benlock, Michael Booth, Marcus Coates, Francois Courbe, Michael Cousin, Angela Darby, Hal Ekousy, Tamzin Foster, Werther Germonderi, James P Graham, Tony Hill, Stuart Lee, Frank Lusing, Susan Macwilliams, Sheila Nadimi, Predrag Padjic, Kevin Reid, Matteo Rosa, Karl Ingar Roys, Stuart Tait, Miranda Whall, Lynne Williams.

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