Questioning Office of Art

The Questioning Office of Art, St Ives, June1997

After SLAP’s successful evenings with large and enthusiastic audiences, Andy Hughes, Andy Whall and Ken Turner staged an ambitious and unfunded project called The Questioning Office of Art. This was a programme of 19 live art artists at diverse venues including The Tate Gallery St Ives, Porthmeor Beach Huts, Porthmeor Beach itself, The Salt House Gallery and The New Millennium Gallery.
Joe Jordan, Ken Turner, Bruce Gilchrist, Helen Sear, Sheila Nadimi, Sue Harris, Miranda Whall, Adam Dant, (Donald Parsnips),Nick Lewis, Ian Elliot, Tom Baxter, Richard Makin, Jorn Ebner, Max Factory, Athena Constantine, Rupert White, John Redhead, Chris Short.

3. QOoA Launch_small2

“The Pathmakers” Installation & Performance. Mount St Chapel Gallery August 1996.

photography; Andy Hughes