still life

Still life, by Eloise, Andy and Ambre

Une approche phenomenologique de la representation des paysages

Cours des Arts, Pop Up Gallery, Foix. August 2022  This series of works is an attempt to migrate experiences of landscape into an experience of painting, for both artist and viewer. As I work, I start with a memory or the memory of an experience. As paint and memory accumulate on the canvas, the process…

two small canvases

Llanberis. 28 x 28 cm unframed, mixed media; ash, wax, dust and acrylic paint. Sully Island. 24 x 30 cm, framed, mixed media; ash, wax, dust and acrylic paint.

Surfing in the Med

The stars came together, very briefly. My old borrowed board, twenty plus years old, transported in a friends van five years ago from Cornwall to France. Stored at my parents in law in Montpelier. I have barely surfed in the last 15 years, but a memory lingered. After three years snowboarding off piste my love…

River boulder, Laramade

Leaves are falling, autumn has arrived.  Three or four years ago I found a really good boulder  in the Vicdessos valley, near the popular and developed area of Laramade. I was very surprised no one had found it before, being about 45 degree overhanging some evidence of cleaning or chalk would have been visible, but…