image by Graham Gaunt

Performing Mountains, Boulder Being, Leeds, March 2018

I was invited to take part in;  Performing Mountains, An international symposium on Mountain Culture at Leeds University in March.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend so worked up a remote presentation. I  put something together quite quickly, I guess it’s not necessarily the most captivating video, but it does include a chunky section of text derived from my Doctoral thesis and recently extrapolated into a book called ‘boulder being’. It reminded me of a presentation I made at art college, after which I was met with a three minute silence, this at the time I thought was either a stunned audience reaction to the brilliance of the work, or a polite pause as the staff and fellow students thought of something nice to say. Good luck to anyone that tries to watch the full 17.38 mins.




Featured image by Graham Gaunt


trying hard or the day my knee gave up.

I’ve been working away at a few projects this winter, avoiding the worst wet and snow. I’d watched a film of Adam Ondra trying really hard in some upside down cave in Norway. I thought maybe I should try harder, maybe I just thought I was trying was going ok… I was halfway through the problem, now was my time, I tried harder, well a little bit…then I fell off again. The difference being that unlike all the other times I’ve fallen on this problem, my knee protested, something strange, but in reality just the effect of time on an oldish body. I’ll try less hard next time.