Satre et poule

  Today I decided I would introduce our chickens to some philosophy. I wasn’t really sure where to start, after all it’s a broad subject. Context is everything, so in the end I thought I would start with Satre, after all they are French chickens.  I’ve been thinking a little bit about context and wondering…

tomatoes and pepper

Beginning of an effort to try and make/document some small act of creativity every day, whilst  acknowledging the changing aspects and contexts of creative process.  

spring snow

Suprisingly good snow conditions at Camurac. The ski station is closed, the walk up burnt, the rides down through the trees well worth the effort.


I’ve mainly been avoiding projects, distracted by snowboarding the last two months. I did however get out to clean and climb this nice little boulder, another addition to sector 28 at Laramade.  

fruit trees

This weekend we planted two apple trees and a pear tree in memory of my Dad. I’m hoping these can become a tangible and material  way to remember him. I have a had a constant feeling, intense at times, that there must be something ‘I can do’. I guess this is the helplessness of grief….

the watch

  Six months have passed since my Father ceased to look over our lives and two months have passed since our baby was born.