Climbing, skateboarding and surfing are this year all included in the Olympics. I can’t say this fact particularly excites me. In fact I felt distinctly underwhelmed. So I had a chat this morning with my boyhood self and asked him what he thought. He said he started skateboarding in the late 1970’s. At this time…

Aude, Ariege border

Lovely views, tired legs, flies, snakes. I think I prefer it in the winter.


Hazy sunshine and blown snow. Photos by Sandra Baizid-Whall


First haircut


I look hard into the wind driven snow, a grey white depthless landscape. On the same day I look inside my Dad’s old glove, I couldn’t see much in there either.

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Wooden climbing holds – Hand carved. You can find the shop on the menu or click here https://andywhall.com/wooden-training-climbing-holds/ The holds are ideal for training boards – the smoother texture is more skin friendly than conventional resin holds but also requires greater tension which contributes to more productive training. They are also significantly better for training…


The world lockdowns, the countryside goes quiet, the animals become bolder, the birds seem to sing louder.