short days (solstice)

A plateau high up on the south face of a mountain, looking to Spain across a flat valley, smoke from the towns and villages, make a disc of yellowish haze. The silence is strong, wood against wood in the trees and beak against wood from the birds. Occasional and sporadic gusts of wind rattle the…


Photograph taken on a lonely hitchhike somewhere North of the Arctic Circle, Norway late 1980’s.


I looked in the woods and I found a very promising unclimbed boulder. I came back with brushes and a ladder and cleaned the moss and dirt from the boulder. Revealed beneath was a prow of granite, hidden in the trees, a thing of interest a thing of desire. On my second visit I began…

burnt toast

I went for a long drive to go bouldering; in the end I didn’t climb much at all. After crossing the Pyrenees I drove across vast tracts of empty arid Spanish landscapes, boggling in its scale and occasionally marvelling at its detail. I had plenty of time to think on this long journey. Bouldering has…


It’s difficult to describe the last few months, dislocation from previous life, removal of old context go some way to explaining my current state of mind and life. A sense of content adriftness, an alienation that is both sweet and consuming. The projects of house renovation, something I never took to seriously, stutter on, bit…



Granite: Convergences and Divergences seminar. Saturday, August 1, 2015.

David and Andy, who operate respectively as granite-worker and granite-climber, have developed long-term relationships with the granite outcrops of South West Cornwall. From this embedded and critical position, an exploration of form, surface, material[ity], interior and exterior will be contextualised in the seminar through a series of granitic encounters.