Bouldering Phenomenology and Landscape Workshops

‘Bouldering incorporates notions of the ‘new’, finding unchartered problems, and aesthetic notions of body movement over the surface of the rock’

Bouldering Phenomenology and Landscape Workshops Participants will employ a haptic approach to experiencing the landscape using bouldering as a discipline and starting point for the course. After an initial introduction and preparatory talk and a demonstration of bouldering practice, participants have a go! And begin an exploration of the ‘haptic’ and the ‘phenomena’ of the unique landscape that makes up the boulder fields of the Ariege, Pyrenees. My workshops offer a re-evaluation of the traditional forms and functions of art in society, by facilitating a development of practice and personal understanding, whether it involves drawing, painting or printmaking, lens-based and time-based media, site-specific installations, or simply the desire to explore the world from an experiential perspective. The workshops will be positioned within contemporary dialogues of visual culture, including concepts such as embodiment, performativity, new geographies and materiality.

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Verena Van Den Berg; In short I would say for me the idea of using the technique of bouldering, experiencing the stone against my body and also being in the landscape by Zennor is a rich inspiration for work – it has a lot of elements that interest me (interaction body landscape, natural surfaces). The workshop was instructed well – finding a balance between challenge and ease. The whole things felt comfortable – being out there in the beautiful scenery with a small group of people yet getting along together. 

Cat Davies; Inspirational, instructive, engaging, challenging and fun, a really great couple of days!