reasons to be cheerful


Gaskins ‘crimp problem’. Photo from The Short Span, website.

I guess I must be free [in the way Bukowski  rambles about in a depressing manner in the video below] as I scuttle around like a child on a freezing and cold day on a recent trip with Jane to Glendalough, in Ireland.

We are free and happy!

In very cold and windy conditions, I got stuck in on the Gaskins ‘crimp problem’.  I managed the move from the very small and painful rail fairly quickly but ran out of power and motivation in the cold. If I had only checked the beta beforehand I would have given it a few more goes and been a bit more professional about it. At the time I was convinced that I was starting to high, I’d been looking for a lower sit start, not realising that it started on the rail. Hindsight, what a great thing.

Back in Cornwall I’m wondering if I should add this to  my list of crimpy short 8A’s projects, that now include two problems in N wales, one in Font and one in Magic Wood. Though what it has really made me think about though is my current project in Cornwall, which is harder than all of the above and its got smaller holds or non holds than the Gaskins problem. It’s time to get stuck in and the beauty of this problem is that it stays pretty dry and is non tidal, a rare thing for these parts.

So Bukowski…he’s chauvinistic and misogynistic, yet his weariness and wiseness seems an antidote to xmas nonsense and the dreary and trivial posturings of contemporary ‘thinkers’ such as Russell Brand, with his careerist inspired student politics.

Happy xmas everyone.





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