Bright and breezy day out at Zennor. Ed wanted to try Zennor Fool, this problem is over three years old so I was pleased someone wanted to try it. Initially we were a bit shocked to find that the large undercut had been knocked off in a storm, Incredible really as it is quite a way above sea level. It was still climbable and Ed dispatched it pretty quick within the session. Grade wise he thought 7C a bump up from the 7B+ I gave it. As a problem its lost a bit of mid problem burl, but still climbs really well. Barney and I ned to go back and finish the job.

The scope for other problems was also confirmed. I managed  at the end of the session to deny the pain and pull through the crux to create an instant classic, ‘old spice’, 6b/6c. The sea was thundering amongst the boulders and the dead point for the lip of the boulder pulled me closer to the roaring void of ocean and broken bones, this is what makes coastal bouldering in Cornwall so special.

old spice, photo Ed Gow-Smith

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