Treen, new problems

… and we came to a landscape bare of light and life, fields and paths of mud, earth and animal…two years later I leave the same landscape… of granite, wind and sea.

I came across these boulders two years ago on a Xmas day walk. It’s taken a while to get back and climb three new top quality problems. Its been a bit of a siege. Cleaning initially, then working out what was worth climbing. Then a longer than expected process of getting them done. Probably in the end, half a dozen visits in all.

Carousel is the tricky one, the sequence didn’t come very easily, unsure wether to move up the arete, or move right and finish on the prow. Its steeper and harder than it looks in the video. The main issue is getting the left hand pinch on the arete before moving right, I fell so many times and then once I got it right, it felt completely solid, solid enough for my heel to pop twice!

Its a lovely spot, cradled in the cliff, overlooking Pedn Olver beach. Visible on google earth. Park near the pub and walk to the coast path and drop down.


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