Bouron Marlotte, Fontainebleau. Icy evening, moon, mist and trees.

The next morning I watched as two forestry workers cut down a large diseased tree. The chain saw buzzed and sawed cuts around the tree base, one cut and another watched, metal wedges driven in to the cut. I looked at the top branches waiting to see movement. Slowly at first and then with a powerful rush of air the tree toppled. I could feel the push of air a 100 metres away. Initially a whooshing noise then a roar and then a cracking woomph as the tree hits the ground and branches explode in all directions.


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  1. mark says:

    Hi andy its mark from bude we have met a few times mainly through barney. Sorry to contact you out of the blue I was just wondering if the weather and conditions are any good for today and if anyone was out climbing? Drop me a txt on 07833972353 hope to hear from you! Cheers macca

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