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  1. Glenn Harvey says:

    Miss him. A huge influence on my art … missed our conversations with him over a single malt when visiting at Knacked Flint.

    1. blocspenwith says:

      Thank you Glen, I remember him mentioning you by name.

  2. Susan Daltry says:

    Was thinking about your father today, he was such a big influence on the development of my artwork and my approach to art education and working with students now. Way back, Coventry in the 80’s. Today was pondering on having a conversation and gather his views on running a fine art course. So sorry to hear of your loss.
    Your father was always a source of encouragement and inspiration 😁
    Best wishes

    1. blocspenwith says:

      Hello Susan, thank you for your comment and wishes. It is probably one of the the things that makes Fine art courses different from other courses is the long term influence a good tutor can have. I’m happy to hear he had such a positive influence for you. Sad that he is of course no longer able to have that conversation with you. Best Wishes Andy

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