Satre et poule


Today I decided I would introduce our chickens to some philosophy. I wasn’t really sure where to start, after all it’s a broad subject. Context is everything, so in the end I thought I would start with Satre, after all they are French chickens.  I’ve been thinking a little bit about context and wondering if ‘reading philosophy to chicken’ is performance art?

I tell Ambre I’m going to read some philosophy to the chickens, she says ‘can I come’, she’s six.

What Is Subjectivity, Jean Paul Satre. Verso 2016.

I began with this; The true problem is, in fact , that of knowing how, through an objective knowledge of the real, we who exist subjectively can transcend ourselves in order to have a relationship with reality.

The chickens seemed quite interested, I feel they must in a chicken kind of way, have a daily existential crisis. I look forward to reading to them again.


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