I escaped the drudgery today and drove in spring sunshine out to Tinatgel, N Cornwall. I had a feeling that I needed a session on my own, not sure if I’d lost my ‘mojo’. The evening before I’d prepared a performance score for Rebecca to perform at The Month Of Performance Art in Berlin. I was unsure about this, also wondering if I had lost my interest in art. It was interesting to have someone perform it. Turning an idea into action. This thought I carried with me as I went bouldering and maybe for the first time since completing my PhD the art and bouldering came together.

This is the link to the MPAB and programme   http://www.mpa-b.org/22-may-2015.html

The score outlines an  ‘event of equivalence’  rather than a representation of the bouldering  experience.

The performance engenders a new ‘moment, which can be described as ‘an event of equivalence’, Created in the space that borrows from both bouldering and art…

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